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Teaching Overseas in Australia and London

Making the choice to Teach Overseas with anzuk* is a great way to get your career started! Whether you decide to Teach in London or Teach in Australia, our anzuk* team can help you through every step of the process. anzuk* is a teaching agency that is run for teachers, by teachers, so we understand the profession and take pride in being a top quality company that can help drive your career forward. We are a professional team that will give you extensive information and tools to make this opportunity one of the most beneficial during your first years of teaching.

Canadians in Demand

The demand for Canadian trained educators to Teach in Australia is ever increasing as anzuk* is continuing to build relationships with client schools. We have hundreds of schools in the Melbourne area who are excited about having Canadian trained teachers working at their school. anzuk* has had great success in pairing quality teachers in the best possible international teaching jobs.

A Big Adventure Awaits

anzuk* can also assist you with your dream to Teach in London. With amazing travel deals all over Europe, this is an incredible chance to see the world and experience a unique type of school system. anzuk* holds the Quality Mark endorsement for our performance and reputation as a top teaching agency in London. One of the benefits of teaching overseas with anzuk* is that you can plan to Teach in London and Teach in Australia with one company, hassle free!

Other Places to Check out anzuk*:

A great resource is the Blog articles on our UK site, there's Teacher Testimonial Videos and if you're visually driven, check out anzuk* on Pinterest.

And...if you still can't get enough (!), join the discussion with anzuk* on Facebook or catch job and industry associated messages on Twitter then listen to Australian Teachers in London talk about their experience working for anzuk*.